chemical peel

PEELS $80 to $250
Peels are safe corrective clinical resurfacing and rejuvenating treatments indicated for men and women who struggle with acne, scarring, dull or prematurely aging skin, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles. You may experience mild to significant skin flaking or sloughing depending on the intensity of the treatment. It is also possible to have no “visible” exfoliation. A stinging, prickly, itchy or warm sensation upon application of the peel can occur and is considered to be a “normal reaction”. You may feel irritation similar to that of a sunburn post peel. For optimal outcome, we request that you closely adhere to our Post Peel Healing instructions. We are unable to work on sun burned or compromised skin of any kind. Peels should be done in a series of 3-6 treatments to maximize results.

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Peel prep is an individual home care system to be used prior to your peel treatment, crucial to ensuring overall positive results. Peel prep helps to purify, strengthen and pre-exfoliate the skin. This ensures safe and even penetration of the peel. We recommend prep for all of our peels but require a prep system for more intensive peels. Please consult your esthetician prior to your appointment regarding the appropriate peel prep for you.