exfoliate skin

This unique treatment uses pulsed light and heat energy to stimulate collagen deep in the dermis. Microphototherapy is non-ablative and non-invasive, improving skins elasticity and tone and texture. After completing a series of treatments skin appears more smooth, firm and uneven coloration homogenized.
Circulation is increased and a healthy glow is noticeable.
Your skin is becoming more balanced, a fresh creamy complexion is starting to develop.
An overall rejuvenated appearance is apparent, fine line reduction and improved texture is measurable.

MicroPhototherapy can be safely added to any Facial or Peel. This treatment is greatly enhanced by adding Live Cell Therapy

SIGNAL PRO Look for this in our advanced facial treatments
Signal Pro is a revolutionary skin repair treatment using freshly harvested silkworm proteins stimulating the growth of human dermal fibroblasts.
These vital serums are carefully processed to retain all the essential building blocks and nutrients necessary for vibrant healthy skin. Tests have shown an average of 71% new growth of dermal cells staying active up to six days. Results are a flawless appearance and total skin rejuvenation.
• Intense hydration and leaves skin moist and supple
• Rejuvenates skin damaged by environmental stressors
• Plumps fine lines and wrinkles
• Extremely effective for rosacea and dry skin conditions
• Complements all surgical, non surgical and esthetic procedures
• Diminishes enlarged pores
• Helps tone and firm to reduce laxity
• Refines uneven skin texture and scarring
• Controls oily and acne-prone skin conditions

ULTRASOUND EXFOLIATION & MICRO STIMULATION Look for this treatment in your Comprensive Renewal Facials or your Clear Complexion Facials
Ultrasonic sound waves are used in place of a traditional microdermabrasion treatment with little to no redness or down time. Ultrasonic ablation or retexturing is safe and gentle, exfoliating superficial scaly layers and reviving skin tissue leaving it luminous.
Ultrasound micro stimulation improves blood and lymph circulation to help regenerate wounded tissue, reduce inflammation and promote collagen synthesis. The application of ultrasonic sound waves promotes the penetration of essential and vital nutrients, delivering it deeper into the skin. The results are visible plumping and a fresh healthy glow.

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